Midterm Review

Location of our strip, about 15 minutes by walk from center of Beckenried

Site plan, Hazard map and Survey card to residents


Under the highway

Reference (Sand control dam/Market Hall in Aarau designed by Miller & Maranta)

 Draft01/02 (Reference1.1: Cherry Orchard Cemetery in Yilan designed by Fieldoffice Architects, Reference1.2: Gurin Gurin in Fukuoka designed by Toyo Ito, Reference2.1: Market Hall in Aarau, Reference2.2: Inagawa Reien Warehouse in Inagawa designed by David Chipperfield)

While researching, it appeared that there are some different thoughts, attitude or culture against natural disaster between Japan and Switzerland.

In Japan, earthquake, typhoon and heavy rain often occur. In my hometown I need to know hazard map and evacuation place because my house and family will sink if the river overflow. In Switzerland, it seems there is no particular evacuation place for natural disaster and many people don’t know hazard map in their town.

As a result of field work and research, it was felt that the residents of our strip don’t need new touristic or industrial places anymore. These interventions would approach water disaster (Surface water runoff / Torrent) and suggest combining functions of sand control dam (for civil engineering construction) and market hall (for daily life).

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