Water and Human Equilibrium

Odeon Dam

What I wanted to express in this collage is that while the building has a disaster prevention function of storing water, behind it creates a hydrophilic space for life. Also, the reason why I used the amphitheater to collage is that I wanted to show that the space for human beings could be converted to the space for water. In other words, I wanted to express that the space where people pass is converted to the space where water passes, and the space where people gather is converted to the space where water gathers, by flowing the water in the entrance and the circular seating area of the building behind this theater.  Here, the relationship between water and people, and water and architecture is fluid, and the relationship changes constantly. In this way, the awareness of the townspeople and building users to hazards can be directed to changes in water. Furthermore, since the building itself can function as a dam or water channel to disperse the amount of water flowing to the original water channel, danger can be avoided when the water is increased.

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