Strip 03 | Midterm Review | HSLU | Helena

Since they are controlling the water up on the mountain by a dam, there is no serious water danger anymore on strip 3.
The idea of my intervention is to connect the village and the agricultural side. In the ground floor would be some public/open spaces like shops, playground, ateliers, coffees, etc. and in the upper floor apartments. The intervention looks like a row house settlement, which follows the topography of the terraced rice fields.

The connection between the village and the countryside would be a visual connection through the row house structure. By placing the walls in different angles to each other, they generate different view “frames” of the nature behind.
The positions of the walls are not just good for the view, but also they should be positioned in the way they stiffen each other structurally.
In those created spaces between the walls would be the shops, playground, ateliers, coffees, etc.

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