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the current(‘s) way

strip location on map of Lake Lucerne
picture of location
danger map: intensity of torrents

By remodeling the current Herrenbach with the aim of trying to control the water and the danger it brings with on its way to the lake, i would like to make the centre of Beckenried safer. This intervention takes place around the area of Sumpf (see picture two). The remodeling of the current in combination with the introduction of a new housing typology in the town, aims at transforming the green field in the lower part of the town into a public space and with that preserving it. People should be able to benefit from the atmospheric qualities of the current and have a recreational space in town.

Drawing by local artist Jakob Joseph Zelger

After the input of an engineer, it became clear that the reforming of the current will be done with sequences of drops and pools in a rock channel with disturbing stones. These disturbing stones I translated into the structural component of the housing typology. In the following a concept sketch and visualization.

concept sketch of connecting the disturbing stones with the housing
concept visualization

towards the lake

the way of the water is highly controlled by human hand in Beckenried, a mostly artificial landscape is the result
where the water exits a tunnel leading it underneath the exit and entry point of the highway
the torrent finding a way through the houses to the lake

The “megastructure” highway provides some protection from water related danger for the settlement along the lakeshore. However the torrents flowing towards the lake still carry a threat. But the torrents also carry potential and lead to atmospheric situations.

the sound of water

It is an unusually warm, sunny spring day in Beckenried. It is very hard to imagine the water – which is omnipresent – as a danger right in this moment. The lake lies before you calmly reflecting the nearly cloudless sky. A small torrent is running towards it with quite some noise – as if it is excited to soon be part of its big brother. Really, the only thing which triggers some sense of peril is the huge concrete snake which weaves itself through the town, carrying irregular noises. The houses facing the sun inevitably also face said concrete structure. The busy torrent’s song mostly manages to drown out the highway’s sounds. It carries peacefulness with its consistency.