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A documentary of the first session from KYOTO Design Lab

Session|September 2018 – January 2019

This is a joint studio with Lucerne Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. It involves the development of ongoing collaborative research under the theme of “water and culture” combined with a comparative study of Lake Biwa and Lake Lucerne. While addressing the same theme in two regions with diverging cultures and environments, common factors and differences are identified in order to analyze how they affect architecture. The aim is to find new possibilities for architecture based on the results of this analysis.

In the first year, 12 students from the respective universities participated. Selecting 12 locations near each lake that possess different characteristics, they researched the history of the sites to the present in order to gather data that would lay the groundwork for continued research.

Beginning concurrently at each university, the first half of the joint studio focused on research, while the second half involved the planning of architectural designs based on research outcomes. In between the two halves, the participating students gathered in Kyoto to hold workshops in which they shared research from the initial part of the project, and conducted fieldwork about Kyoto as a city that has historically used Lake Biwa and its water.

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