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Midterm-Review Strip Buochs


The six main tributaries to Lake Lucerne. The Strip is placed on the Engelberger Aa River.




Hazard maps before and after the improvement measures.


Szenario Buochs unter Wasser.jpg

Review Pin Up 1


Analysis of which rivers flow through the strip, located in Buochs.


Historical aerial photographs of Buochs. Good to see that the river delta is not overbuilt as it is today.

Flood of 2005 in Buochs. Despite structural measures such as the target outlets, most of the houses have been flooded.

Gefahrenkarten – Maps of natural hazard

Alle Gefahren als GIF überlappend dargestellt – All dangers are overlapped in GIF.



Gefahrenkategorien Kanton Nidwalden – Hazard categories Canton Nidwalden:

1 – Alle Gefahren – All dangers
2 – Überschwemmung See – Flood Lake
3 – Überschwemmung Engelberger Aa – Flood Mountain River Engelberg
4 – Wildbach – Torrent
5 – Rutschungen spontan – Slips spontaneously
6 – Rutschungen permanent – Slips permanent
7 – Steinschlag – Rockfall
8 – Lawine – Avalanche
9 – Oberflächenabfluss – Storm Water Runoff