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Lake Lucerne – location of the strip
Photo – tunnel for water and pedestrians
Photo – stairs to the tunnel
Analysis of the strip
Intervention area

Reference – Astronomical Park of Zhenze 

Reference – Le Gué Giraud à Saint-Junien
Collage – proposal of the atmosphere

The idea of the intervention is to decimate the three danger zones to one. The two existing dams are brought together to one dam. The water flows over the edge of the dam into the dam-area, where it is collected and forms a low pool of water. The water then flows controlled into the overflow and through the tunnel further into the village center. The tunnel will continue to serve as an underpass under the highway for pedestrians and the water. The idea is that the tunnel and the inside of the dam-area can be used as public space. It can serve as an exhibition area or as an relaxing place to cool down after hiking.

Pin Up I

The highest risk of this area is above the highway, which provides the settlement from danger caused from water. There are two funnels that trap the water from two streams coming from the mountain. The water is then led under the highway through a tunnel, where another stream joins from the side. This results in two difficult and risky situations – one above and the other below the highway. The walk-in tunnel connects the two points and could perhaps be used in different ways.

water – life and death

Water – there are three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. It is known as one of the main elements and sources for life. Humans, animals and plants cannot exist without it. It servs as a habitat, as a surface for transportation and allows certain typologies of buildings. But water is also very unpredictable. The sheer forces can cause huge damage in different forms. An element, that enables life and carrys death.