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Contrast between…

Our strip is separated into two parts and located a bit far, which gives them contrast.

That means that they have completely different aspects.
First of all, I wondered how they interrelate and then, realized to do in “spiritual” way.
Secondly, I summarized their contrast following the analysis we did, which could be valuable to design.
For the starting point, I just drew a straight axis connecting two points where I aimed to do my project.
Then put two staircases on it.
These elements should let two-point interrelate in a spiritual way, and at the same time, they also could be factors can be against some possibilities may occur.
Two projects I am proposing are quite tiny inspired by Japanese minimum house.
One is a boathouse for weekdays, and the other is a tea house for a weekend, both of which will be used by a single person.

Contrast between two separated stripes

Our strip which is separated into two and situated in the same axis has totally different aspects.

In terms of topography, hazard, disaster risk, nature of the soil and so on…

They are really opposite and it should be one of the possibilities to “design”.

As an initial idea, I would like to introduce “floating architecture”.

I do not know whether my project is floating or not in the end, but I think this idea is a kind of clue to imagine the relevance between “water and danger”.

Unusual and daily are two sides of the same coin

Unusual and daily sit together side by side.

I felt something when I was walking through this tiny town, which unusual and daily are two sides of the same coin.

The daily lives of people living here are infinitely close to water. But behind this, I caught a glimpse of human activities that resist an extraordinary nature’s fury.

Are people afraid?

No, they must be amusing themselves.